Sunday, 14 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Today was the day, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the children we me for buying this ticket.
anyways i was given my 3d glasses and i rubbed my hands together in anticipation as i took my seat and the lights went down, half way through the film i was still waiting for something to hit me, i couldn't believe this movie had a ton of hype and it still hasn't impressed me, the images were to dark to see what was going on, and when Alice tumbled down the rabbit hole i said to myself this is going to be good, but i was very disappointed, the images were so blurry i couldn't make out any object that was whizzing past my face( i say whizzing past my face the 3d wasn't even that great, at one point i took the glasses off and it looked better without.),the time came, after much waiting,for Johnny Depps role as the mad hatter to come up, and i don't know why i was thinking this is going to save this movie for me, but it didn't, strangely Depp played a character who mixes capt jack sparrow and Willy Wonka together, and the oddest thing about it was when he got remotely angry he would turn Scottish, i have no idea why, perhaps Scottish people are angry ? ask Mr Depp.

anyway as for the film itself, if you like good effects and enough British to shake a shitty stick at then this movie is for you, just be warned now, don't take anyone who is a huge Johnny Depp fan, because all they will talk about on the way home is why don't you look like johnny Depp! (sigh).


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