Monday, 15 March 2010

Tron (1982)

Yes ladies and gentlemen I'am ashamed to say it i had never seen tron the sci-fi classic until today, and can i say what an amazing film it is and you were all right to spit in my non tron watching face.
Put aside from the fact that the effects are outdated and the computer then would still be kick ass today( a talking desk) its a pretty freaking good movie.
I wasn't expecting much from tron to be honest with you, from endless bullying from people who had seen it and soon as you utter the words I haven't seen tron they look at you like you shit on their kids, so i thought I'm 24 now ill put a stop to this and ill watch it, so I went into HMV (free advertising ) and i bought myself the anniversary special edition for £8, I know bargain.
put the disc into he DVD player sat back in the couch and got blown away 96Min's of pure Ecstasy.
the film is set in the 80's and the story goes like this, Flynn(Jeff Bridges) was a top employee who worked for a large computer software company Encom, Flynn decides to program a computer game and the program is stolen by Dillinger the villain and he gets promoted and Flynn leaves, and runs an arcade, anyways Flynn decides he wants his shit back and knows there is a file inside the master program somewhere and sets out to find it, by breaking into the facility where he used to work and evidently gets shot with a laser and put into the world of computers.
I wont tell you anymore, but if you haven't seen it then i would highly recommend it, from a non believer to another......your missing out.
get it watched and i grantee you'll love it, and all in time for the new Tron Legacy film due to be released later this year, i can not wait , I think I've watched the trailer a billion times (4) and whats more, Daft Punk are doing the soundtrack to the movie, what a world we live in :) .


Sunday, 14 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland (2010)

Today was the day, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and the children we me for buying this ticket.
anyways i was given my 3d glasses and i rubbed my hands together in anticipation as i took my seat and the lights went down, half way through the film i was still waiting for something to hit me, i couldn't believe this movie had a ton of hype and it still hasn't impressed me, the images were to dark to see what was going on, and when Alice tumbled down the rabbit hole i said to myself this is going to be good, but i was very disappointed, the images were so blurry i couldn't make out any object that was whizzing past my face( i say whizzing past my face the 3d wasn't even that great, at one point i took the glasses off and it looked better without.),the time came, after much waiting,for Johnny Depps role as the mad hatter to come up, and i don't know why i was thinking this is going to save this movie for me, but it didn't, strangely Depp played a character who mixes capt jack sparrow and Willy Wonka together, and the oddest thing about it was when he got remotely angry he would turn Scottish, i have no idea why, perhaps Scottish people are angry ? ask Mr Depp.

anyway as for the film itself, if you like good effects and enough British to shake a shitty stick at then this movie is for you, just be warned now, don't take anyone who is a huge Johnny Depp fan, because all they will talk about on the way home is why don't you look like johnny Depp! (sigh).